Who we are

SEED TECH is a Sierra Leonean Agro Dealer Company registered and based in Sierra Leone. It was established in 2001 by a group of promising Sierra Leoneans both at home and abroad to meet agricultural and food security needs. Agriculture is the largest sector accounting for over 40% of the Sierra Leone’s economy. It also employs over 70% of the country’s population who largely depend on food imports. The sector is fraught with serious challenges including poor technology – tools, machinery, seeds etc., poor soil ecologies and agricultural practices. As a result, crops yields and overall productivity have remained very low over the last several decades hence the country is unable to feed and sustain itself Read more…

What we do

SEED TECH is involved in multiplication, quality control, distribution and sale of the following agriculture materials:


Rice, Unshelled Groundnut, Maize and Cowpea Seeds, Local and Improved Varieties. All seeds are processed and treated to attain the appropriate moisture content. High percent purity and germination required to meet international and national standards.


Fertilizer of all types, Agro-chemicals, Weed Killer (taking into cognizance environmental protection policies).


We deal with all types of Vegetable, Herbs and Flower seeds both imported and local of high quality. SEED TECH is the sole distributor for BAKKER BROTHERS Vegetable Seed Company in The Netherlands.


Deal with all types of Agricultural Tools, Machinery both Local and Imported.


SEED TECH supply and sell PALM ELIT (CIRAD OILPALM SEEDS Tenera Hybrid “F”)


Established nurseries in different locations, such as Oil Palm, Citrus, Mango, Cashew, Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut and Agro Forest Trees.


Cassava, Sweet Potato and Yam: We deal with improved and new materials released by Research Institution (SLARI) improved and elite clones produced by this institute. Disseminate disease resistant varieties that have good consumer quality.


Jute Bags, PP Woven Bags and High Density Perforated Polythene Bags For Nursery (All Sizes and Type)